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Let Them Eat Cakes in Kamloops!

For over 40 years, Swiss Pastries has been famous for European cakes in the Kamloops area. We have cakes for every taste, from rich and chocolatey to tart and fruity. Whether you want to order a cake with your Twisted Roots Catering selections, pick up a cake from our location, or even eat the whole thing in our café, we won’t judge! We make all of our cakes using only the finest ingredients, such as Callebaut’s Finest Belgian Chocolate. Please take a look at the varieties of cakes we offer on this page, and let us know which one tempts you the most.

Please note that we do not do wedding cakes.

Take a Cake Break

At Swiss Pastries, satisfying your sweet tooth is a cake walk!

Our Cakes

Edelweiss Cake

Layers of chocolate cake between white chocolate mousse, raspberry puree, and whipped cream on a sugar dough wafer and topped with dark and white chocolate shavings

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cake
Chocolate cake, chocolate and strawberry mousse, on top of thin chocolate coated almond meringues and whipped cream

Chocolate Pear Cake
Chocolate whipped cream and pear slices sandwiched between meringues, and chocolate cake

Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake

Chocolate cake filled and topped with layers of smooth chocolate ganache

Tiramisu Cake
White cake layered with mascarpone and whipped cream with an essence of tiramisu liquor, on top of thin almond meringues with a chocolate coating

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate cake with Kirsch syrup layered with whipped cream, sour cherries, and chocolate shavings

Cheese Cake (Rahm Quark)
European style cream cheese, whipped cream, raspberries, and white cake topped on a sugar dough wafer

Saint Honoree Tart
Puff pastry coated with vanilla whipped cream, encrusted with caramel sugar and topped with cream puffs

Raspberry Torte

Puff pastry topped with vanilla whipping cream, fruit, strawberry glaze, and whipped cream
• Raspberry
• Strawberry
• Blueberry

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